Acolyte's Prayer

Almighty God, you have called us to be your servants through the office of Acolyte in your Church, that, clothed in your grace, we may minister before you; we pray that you will guide, strengthen and sanctify us by your Holy Spirit; that, always doing your will, we may both by our service in your House and by our daily life please you and give glory to your Name, that we may always stand by your altar of worship; through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

As you vest, think of the verse:

"…put on the righteousness of Christ."

-From Bruton Parish Church Acolyte Manual

General Server Instructions

The ministry of those who serve at the altar is a serving ministry which comes from ancient times.


Remember, we work together not individually - to create a worshipful service.


Punctuality is Important. When you are on time, everything flows more smoothly.


Pay Attention. Be aware of where you are in the service so you are prepared.

Participate. Many parishioners will look to you for guidance and direction.


Walk slowly, reverently and with dignity.


Reverence the altar when you approach and when you leave.


Crucifer when holding the cross, Torch Bearers when holding the torch.


When turning, always turn to the right, unless there are 2 of you; then turn inward.


After the service, go back to your seat and pick up your bulletin or tissues or anything else which might have been left.

Server Opportunities

Our worship has many opportunities for participation by lay persons. Baptized and confirmed adults may assist the Priest as acolytes or as chalice bearers. Young children can be torchbearers, and older children and adults can be crucifers (who carry the processional cross) or lectors.


  • The schedule for all servers, including Acolytes, is prepared on a monthly basis. If you know that you will not be able to serve on a certain date, please contact Ann Richmond, who prepares the schedule, before the 15th of the previous month.

  • If you realize that you aren't able to serve after the schedule comes out, please find a replacement. Most people are happy to switch dates. Note the change on the calendar in Hosea Hall. Please also let Kathy Sparrow in the office (859-873-3481) know of the change so that she can update the bulletin if it hasn't already been prepared.

  • If you find that you are not able to serve at the last minute, please call the church and let someone know. If you are the one who receives that call, please alert the Acolyte for that day as checking everyone in and finding last minute replacements is their responsibility.

These ministries are a service to our fellow parishioners, contributing to their worship experience.


The Acolyte helps the priest with the wine and water, rings the bell, carries the Gospel book in the procession, and serves the community cup. 

Download Acolyte Instructions


The Chalice Bearer serves a second communion cup.  

Download Chalice Bearer Instructions


The Crucifer carries the processional cross.  

Download Crucifer Instructions


The Torch Bearer carries the torch during the procession.

Download Torch Bearer Instructions


The Lector reads the Lessons.  

Download Lector Instructions


The Gift Bearer brings the gifts, the wine, water and bread to the altar.


The Usher hands out bulletins, makes people feel welcome and takes up the offering.  

Download Usher Instructions

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